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TAVR Team: conscious sedation vs. general anesthesia

Today, we had a guest speaker Christian Spies from Queen’s Hospital in Hawaii who spoke on his experience with his TAVR team and conscious sedation vs. general anesthesia for these patients.  More specifically, we are speaking of the transfemoral route. Keypoints: Patient selection is key (consider for COPD; bad for OSA) Short surgical time for monitored anesthesia

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What is the “Best” Anesthetic for Oocyte Retrieval

Originally posted on John Gerancher's Regional Anesthesiology:
Pain Relief for Women Undergoing Oocyte Retrieval for Assisted Reproduction (review) Published: January 2013 In: The Cochrane Collaboration From: EPPI-Centre, University of London Authors: Kwan I, Bhattacharya S, Knox F, McNeil A. Review: In investigating if spinal anesthesia might be the best anesthetic and analgesic approach for…

Don’t Dismantle the TAVR Heart Team

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There is global debate how to make TAVR procedures less expensive. Some sites changed from general anesthesia to sedation, some go even beyond that and keep patients fully awake during the procedure. Some sites eliminated anesthesiologists, some even eliminated the surgeons, as well. All this in the name of cost reduction,…