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The Operating Room

Originally posted on Life at Hogwarts College of Medicine:
Originally written in mid-January I was about to sit down for a warm pre-dinner snack of daal, rice, and tilapia when my phone buzzed insistently from the tabletop. I stood there for a moment, staring at the screen, until I processed the words, “meet me in 30…

Best Anesthesia Programs

Taken from a 2003 post on studentdoctors.net: Here is a previous post from a year ago that may give you an idea regarding the so-called “best anesthesia programs”: “Academic anesthesiologists I have spoken to generally seem to stratify the outstanding programs into 3 tiers… 1) Best of the best: JHU, MGH, UCSF 2) Considered to

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Lately, I’ve been annoyed by the things going on at work. I’m not even sure why I’m annoyed. Here’s an email conversation (in order from top to bottom) of a recent annoyance (names have obviously been changed)….things noted in italics are particularly annoying to me: Dr. QA: “Hello esteemed colleagues, I received a QA regarding

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