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PEC 1 & 2 Blocks, Serratus Anterior Block

I’ve been hearing more and more about PEC 2 block for mastectomy.  What’s wonderful about this block is that it seems that the risk of pneumothorax is lower than for a paravertebral block. Egyptian Journal of Anaesthesia; April 2014. Thoracic Paravertebral Block vs. Pectoral Nerve Block for Analgesia after Breast Surgery SlideShare powerpoint: PEC 1

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Adductor Canal Blocks #adductor #regional #anesthesia #femoral #blocks

What is the adductor canal? Why all this talk about an adductor canal block (ACB)? For years, femoral nerve blocks (FNB) have been the gold standard for pain control in more invasive knee/lower leg surgeries (total knees, ACLs, etc.).  More recently, adductor canal blocks have been gaining in popularity over femoral nerve blocks because there

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Paravertebral block basics and cancer recurrence #paravetebral #block #regional #ultrasound #anesthesia #cancer

 Why do paravertebral blocks? Journal of Anesthesiology Clinical Pharmacology – Paravertebral Blocks Paravertebral blocks and decreased cancer recurrence BJA 2010 – Efficacy and Safety of Paravertebral Blocks in Breast Surgery: a meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials BJA 2010 – Effect of Anesthetic Technique and Other Perioperative Factors on Cancer Reccurence Anesthesiology 2006 – Can anesthetic

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