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Don’t Dismantle the TAVR Heart Team

Originally posted on invasivecardiology:
There is global debate how to make TAVR procedures less expensive. Some sites changed from general anesthesia to sedation, some go even beyond that and keep patients fully awake during the procedure. Some sites eliminated anesthesiologists, some even eliminated the surgeons, as well. All this in the name of cost reduction,…

24 hours with an anesthesiologist

A piece I’d like to submit for: CNN Money 24 hours With….an anesthesiologist About Kris: I grew up in a small west Texas town called Abilene, TX. My mom was a standard tiger mom in that she encouraged me to pursue multiple activities while nudging me to do my best. After drama lessons, tennis lessons, basketball, volleyball,

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How MD anesthesiologists have become victims of their own excellence

Taken from  KevinMD.com’s blog: How MD anesthesiologists have become victims of their own excellence Comments below that tended to resonate with my thoughts. Med Nerd At Large January 22, 2011 at 6:20 pm It seems like the author is criticizing medical students and physicians for choosing certain specialties as opposed to primary care. While we do

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The anesthesiologist vs. CRNA debate ends here.

This website defines the essence of physician care in the field of anesthesiology. Want to know what separates an anesthesiologist from an anesthetist? Check out the link. Plus, it lists tips on what to ask and what to bring for your upcoming surgery. http://www.doctorbyyourside.org/Get-The-Facts.aspx My own thoughts on this debate

The doctors, the nurses, and the anesthesia

This was taken from The New York Times: The Doctors, the Nurses and the Anesthesia Published: September 11, 2010 To the Editor: “Who Should Provide Anesthesia Care?” (editorial, Sept. 7) proposes allowing nurses to deliver anesthesia without the supervision of any doctor. Both of the studies cited to support this approach have been financed by the

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Putting #surgery patients at risk

Taken from the Denver Post: GUEST COMMENTARY Putting Surgery Patients at Risk By Daniel Janik The Denver Post POSTED: 09/09/2010 01:00:00 AM MDT There’s no relationship more intense than the one I have with my patients right before they undergo surgery. I carefully evaluate the patient to make sure they’re fit for anesthesia, then I render

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