The physician anesthesiologist vs. CRNA debate

Why is this even a debate? It seems to me that the CRNA-led debate is financial… once you tease through all the fluff. So here’s some literature I found: Evidence-based review did NOT find nurse anesthetists’ care equal to that of physician anesthesiologists Unsupervised anesthesia care by a nurse anesthetist is a threat to patient

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How MD anesthesiologists have become victims of their own excellence

Taken from  KevinMD.com’s blog: How MD anesthesiologists have become victims of their own excellence Comments below that tended to resonate with my thoughts. Med Nerd At Large January 22, 2011 at 6:20 pm It seems like the author is criticizing medical students and physicians for choosing certain specialties as opposed to primary care. While we do

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The anesthesiologist vs. CRNA debate ends here.

This website defines the essence of physician care in the field of anesthesiology. Want to know what separates an anesthesiologist from an anesthetist? Check out the link. Plus, it lists tips on what to ask and what to bring for your upcoming surgery. http://www.doctorbyyourside.org/Get-The-Facts.aspx My own thoughts on this debate