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Work-Life Balance and taking care of yourself

Work-life balance and taking care of yourself #anes17 #meded #stress #medicine #burnout #administrators


The physician anesthesiologist vs. CRNA debate

Why is this even a debate? It seems to me that the CRNA-led debate is financial… once you tease through all the fluff. So here’s some literature I found: Evidence-based review did NOT find nurse anesthetists’ care equal to that of physician anesthesiologists Unsupervised anesthesia care by a nurse anesthetist is a threat to patient

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Career path: anesthesiologist

If you’re an anesthesiologist or in anesthesiology, you should check out this guy’s blog. He’s real and states it how it is.  Lately, I’ve been feeling a lot of what he describes here: http://www.blog.greatzs.com/2016/03/a-hard-days-night.html?m=1 I think in residency it was a tad easier to deal with the insane work hours bc all my friends were

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Your brain under anesthesia

Anesthesiology 10 2015, Vol.123, 937-960. Clinical Electroencephalography for Anesthesiologists: Part I: Background and Basic Signatures Patrick L. Purdon, Ph.D.; Aaron Sampson, B.S.; Kara J. Pavone, B.S.; Emery N. Brown, M.D., Ph.D. A is adapted, with permission, from Purdon et al:Electroencephalogram signatures of loss and recovery of consciousness from propofol. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S

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Paravertebral block basics and cancer recurrence #paravetebral #block #regional #ultrasound #anesthesia #cancer

 Why do paravertebral blocks? Journal of Anesthesiology Clinical Pharmacology – Paravertebral Blocks Paravertebral blocks and decreased cancer recurrence BJA 2010 – Efficacy and Safety of Paravertebral Blocks in Breast Surgery: a meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials BJA 2010 – Effect of Anesthetic Technique and Other Perioperative Factors on Cancer Reccurence Anesthesiology 2006 – Can anesthetic

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The 10 most stressful situations in anesthesiology from an anesthesiologist’s perspective

These aren’t my own thought, however, I can easily agree with the list below.  One of the things that was left off this list was pediatric hearts.  I had the chance to do a one month pediatric cardiac anesthesia rotation at a very busy Children’s hospital and it was definitely an eye opening experience.  Teeny

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The Operating Room

Originally posted on Life at Hogwarts College of Medicine:
Originally written in mid-January I was about to sit down for a warm pre-dinner snack of daal, rice, and tilapia when my phone buzzed insistently from the tabletop. I stood there for a moment, staring at the screen, until I processed the words, “meet me in 30…

Don’t Dismantle the TAVR Heart Team

Originally posted on invasivecardiology:
There is global debate how to make TAVR procedures less expensive. Some sites changed from general anesthesia to sedation, some go even beyond that and keep patients fully awake during the procedure. Some sites eliminated anesthesiologists, some even eliminated the surgeons, as well. All this in the name of cost reduction,…