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Responsibility for your own health

I was shocked to see that the NHS could ban surgery for the obese and smokers.  That’s socialized medicine.  You take a conglomerate group of people (the UK) on a limited budget for healthcare… and basically find the cheapest most cost-effective way to deliver healthcare.  But in a way, it’s empowering patients to take responsibility

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Walking labor epidurals

What is an epidural? American Pregnancy Association: Epidural Anesthesia N Engl J Med 2010;362:1503-10. Epidural analgesia for labor and delivery. What is a “walking” epidural? Brigham and Women’s Anesthesiology 2 2000, Vol.92, 387. Walking with Labor Epidural Analgesia: The Impact of Bupivacaine Concentration and a Lidocaine–Epinephrine Test Dose. MJAFI, Vol. 63, No. 1, 2007. Walking Epidural :

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Anesthesia without a trained anesthesiologist

There was an article in the Washington Post: New machine could one day replace anesthesiologists. I don’t know about that.  The trial is done on “healthy” patients for colonoscopies — a procedure that’s commonly performed under sedation.  What happens when you get an unhealthy patient or a patient who doesn’t have a diagnosed disease (obstructive

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Best Anesthesia Programs

Taken from a 2003 post on Here is a previous post from a year ago that may give you an idea regarding the so-called “best anesthesia programs”: “Academic anesthesiologists I have spoken to generally seem to stratify the outstanding programs into 3 tiers… 1) Best of the best: JHU, MGH, UCSF 2) Considered to

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How MD anesthesiologists have become victims of their own excellence

Taken from’s blog: How MD anesthesiologists have become victims of their own excellence Comments below that tended to resonate with my thoughts. Med Nerd At Large January 22, 2011 at 6:20 pm It seems like the author is criticizing medical students and physicians for choosing certain specialties as opposed to primary care. While we do

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The anesthesiologist vs. CRNA debate ends here.

This website defines the essence of physician care in the field of anesthesiology. Want to know what separates an anesthesiologist from an anesthetist? Check out the link. Plus, it lists tips on what to ask and what to bring for your upcoming surgery. My own thoughts on this debate