Maybe Slack could finally end some corporate seat time discussions

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Maybe give it a try!

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Slack could end seat time

Last April, I wrote about how maybe Slack could revolutionize the workplace; then in February, I wrote about how they got to a $2 billion valuation with no CMO, which is insanely rare for a lot of companies.

There’s something much better than either of those posts currently on Medium and while there are about 90 different individual parts of interest, here’s one that makes a lot of sense (to me, at least):

Butterfield, Slack’s CEO, saw a larger problem with email, an organizational memory problem: “Whether you’re the CEO or an intern, on your first day at an email-based organization, you can’t see into anything — it’s all locked in people’s inboxes. You literally have no access to anything that happened in the past. There might’ve been hundreds of thousands or millions of messages exchanged at the company before you got there.” Slack doesn’t make everything transparent, but it brings…

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