Private practice

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I started my current job on August 22. It’s a very selective group of anesthesiologists with an M.D. only practice. This was exactly the type of practice I wanted!  My feeling is that I trained at the best residency program and completed a cardiac fellowship to do anesthesia, not supervise a nurse doing anesthesia.  I digress.

Private practice (pp) is a very different beast from academics. The pace is faster; people seem to be happier; there seem to be less attitudes (although you still get some jackasses); money seems to be a motivating factor (hence, faster pace)… I’m sure there’s many more.

I haven’t gotten a real paycheck yet.  But I anticipate it’ll be better than the ones I’ve received in the past.  I’m getting the hang of billing and paper charting. I now seek out cases instead of hiding out.  Support staff and nurses are all very kind and professional.  It seems that everyone is on the same page to get cases going. The surgeons are very nice and super quick!  So far, I’m really loving pp.


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