A place to start for healthcare reform

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Official seal of the National Organic Program
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After watching several documentaries on the US food supply and genetically modified products, I’m completely appalled by the lack of oversight in this area by the US government.  My respect for the FDA went way down after watching Food,Inc, Food Matters, and Deconstructing Supper, and Bottled.  Why is one company (Monsanto) allowed to strike down farmers who are doing no harm to the environment?  Besides, isn’t 1 company’s takeover of food production a monopoly?  Also, why not label products that are GM (genetically modified) so the people can choose whether they want that in their diet or not?  It seems that these GM/processed foods have horrible long-term effects on the human body.  Why not cut back GM foods and really raise awareness for local, organic foods?  What will become of our food supply when rampant GM foods destroy our soils, kill our people, and lead to only 1 type of crop (instead of the wonderful varieties we have)?  Tell me, Mr President, don’t you think this would be a great place to start health care reform?

Let’s give the American voice to the people to decide what we put into our bodies.  Label products if they’re GM foods.  Oppose big monopolies that basically dictate our food supply.  Encourage and subsidize local farmers who will be nourishing the backbone of America.  Do this before it’s too late.


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